First launched on 2 June 2011 at the Forte dei Marmi boutique, Cruciani C bracelets immediately became a true summer must-have and then grew into a cult object all over the world. 25 million of them have been worn on the most diverse occasions by Italian and international celebrities, the most popular bloggers, global personalities and millions of fans across the world. It was to thank all the lovers of the brand that Cruciani created Clover Lovers, a fabulous new bracelet, vivaciously glamorous in fuchsia, methylene, navy blue or fluo geranium, fastened by a 925 silver chain, or elegant and sophisticated in powder pink, antique pink, camel or black, with details in 925 pink rhodium silver. A 5th birthday to celebrate by focusing on the founding values of the Umbria maison: the prized quality of its raw materials, unshakeable faith in Made in Italy and that touch of pop that’s characterized every creation right from the start.