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Cruciani Story

The Quadrifoglio, the first Cruciani bracelet, was designed by Luca Caprai, patron of the brand, to appeal to a young and cosmopolitan audience.
The first creation of a long series of refined macramé lace jewels: the phenomenon is exploded in Italy in August 2011, in the Forte dei Marmi boutique where crowds stopped in line day and night to be able to buy the cult object.
An accessory born as a complement to knitwear and total look garments by Cruciani, a brand known all over the world for its excellent quality and unmistakable style ( www.cruciani .net ).
Each product has always been made with the best selected raw materials: from silk to cashmere, from wool to cotton. The quality of Cruciani's made in Italy has also been certified by the prestigious Norwegian institution Det Norske Veritas has decided to award Red Diamond, the most precious yarn produced by the company.
The bracelets were not born by chance: Luca's father , the Cavaliere del Lavoro Arnaldo Caprai, owns the largest collection in the world of textile arts which boasts more than 24,000 pieces and has been at the helm of Arnaldo Caprai Gruppo Tessile Srl since 1955, a leading company in the sector, manufacturer of textile furniture, lace and lace. of great value and refinement ( ).

Cruciani Charity


The bracelet to support the fight against breast cancer is pink. In October, breast cancer prevention month, Cruciani C renews its commitment and does so together with Susan G. Komen Italia, active since 2000 to promote prevention and support women who are confronted with breast cancer.


"United": this is the name of the bracelet made to support the populations of central Italy severely affected by the earthquake of 24 August 2016. All the proceeds, excluding VAT, will be allocated to the Civil Protection for its activities in support of the inhabitants of the areas affected by the earthquake.


Japan is the market that first welcomed the Cruciani Collections and was able to elevate them to a Brand, transforming a high quality product into a trend visible to all.
The charity project "Cruciani for Fukushima" was born which saw the fishermen of the city devastated by the earthquake of 11 March 2011 recipients of this wonderful humanitarian aid.
Through the message of the famous bracelet, Cruciani has allocated the sum of 10,000,000.00 yen to the Japanese government for the '' purchase of a fishing boat which represents a concrete aid to the primary sustenance of the local population. The project was conceived on a commercial platform of 4 very important points of sale where a "limited edition" of the famous lace bracelet was offered, in addition to joining the media circuit which includes 6 newspapers and a national television. The "Cruciani for Fukushima" bracelet is made up of 6 white shamrocks joined in the center by a red heart.


Following the earthquake that devastated Emilia Romagna on 20 May 2012, the Cruciani Company, joining the subscription launched by Mediafriends, together with TG5 and the Resto del Carlino, will allocate the sum of 100,000 euros to the displaced populations. entire proceeds from the sale of the bracelets.


Together for Research. Presented the new bracelet "Stella - Limited Edition" in support of the project on Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL) which evaluates the possibility for a woman cured of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia to have healthy children and to analyze the quality of life of patients still in therapy. This important project will be made possible thanks to the partnership of AIL with Cruciani C, a leading company in the world fashion system, which has created "Stella", a limited edition bracelet inspired by the Christmas Star, symbol of the historic fundraising campaign of the Association.


The distribution of the bracelet made it possible to raise funds to support an important research project in the field of pediatric cancer and to make cancer an increasingly treatable disease.


The Cruciani bracelets supported the Alice for Children project - Radio Italia - in raising funds for the children of Nairobi, Kenya, to guarantee orphans the possibility of one meal a day.


Cruciani C launches a new bracelet with a beneficial soul: a bright comet in favor of the Comet Association of the same name. Cometa is a place to support children and families also through daytime and residential foster care, the reception of minors in emergency room, sports activities and the neutral space service, family mediation and parenting support. The new Cometa bracelet is available in the Cruciani C boutiques in Milan. Forte dei Marmi, Verona, Capri, Taormina and in all multi-brand stores at a cost of € 10, 15% of the proceeds will subsequently be donated to the Association.