Milan, November 2016 – In preparing for Christmas, Cruciani C presenting a precious and unmissable creation: it’s called Diadem, which in ancient Greek means “object that encircles”, an aristocratic symbol of authority and prestige in the Hellenistic and Roman world that is shining out once again thanks to this sophisticated revisiting by the Umbrian maison. A Diadem designed to encircle the wrist, rather than the head, but which retains all its symbolic connotations of prestige and exclusiveness: the bracelet has been produced in a limited series of very few pieces and is already the object of desire for Christmas 2016. Diadem consists of a net of macramé lace adorned by a cascade of 43 Swarovski crystals and pure 925 silver detailing. The Umbrian maison’s revisiting is based on in depth study: since ancient times, in fact, the band of material that was called a “diadem” was intricately decorated with metal inserts and precious stones and gradually took on the appearance of a real jewel. Cruciani Cìs Diadem celebrates Italian style, elegance and artistic craft associated with the luxury industry. It represents an ideal and refined beauty that evokes a seductively antique past whist exerting a a strong contemporary appeal: a veritable collector’s piece in pure luxury pop style, the perfect gift to put under the tree. Already worn by trendsetters and fashion lovers all over the world, the Diadem will be the unmistakably must-have wrist jewel at the most keenly awaited festivities of the year, an accessory set to live beyond the fashions of the moment by conjuring up an antique tradition that Cruciani C delights in reinterpreting, in its conviction that past and future can coincide in the present to perpetuate the values that have always made Italy the homeland of the good, the beautiful and the elegant.